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What is Tae Kwon Do?

Tae Kwon Do is a form of ancient martial art that originated from Korea. It uses a holistic approach through the integrated training of both mind and body in order to improve the quality of life of individuals regardless of their age and ability.

It represents the whole person approach: Tae Kwon represents the "Body Part" and Do represents the "Mental Part"

The philosophical goal is to unite both by using the Tae Kwon to strengthen the Do. This is the concept of Um Yang (Ying Yang in Chinese) or balance, which is the foundation of this art. The concrete definitions are "Tae" means kicking or foot techniques, "Kwon" means fist and involves hand techniques, and "Do" means "way" which essentially includes mental, spiritual, art and hence best way of living.


跆拳道起源于朝鲜半岛,是韩国民间流行的技击术,不但注重锻炼身体,还重视磨练人的意志。 所谓跆拳道,跆(TAE),意为以脚踢、摔撞;拳(KWON),以拳头打击;道(DO),是一种艺术方法。

What are the Benefits?

In addition to the benefits of physical fitness, stress reduction and weight loss, Tae Kwon do has several advantages over other fitness activities and sports. Without the need to utilize major gym equipment or sports tools, it provides a total and balanced body conditioning through training of strength, speed, flexibility, balance, posture, and coordination. While learning self-defence, the students keep in shape, gain self-respect, patience, confidence, and learn respect for others. In addition, it is one of the few sports that can be practiced together by the entire family and elicit that special time of sharing which is no longer common in this day and age.

The youth and children who learn and practice Tae Kwon Do (TKD) are especially empowered since they learn self-discipline, self-control as well as goal-setting. Through the integrated physical and mental aspects of TKD, they improve their abilities in concentration and focus which is not readily found in other activities.


除了可以健身和减压,跆拳道比起其他运动还有很多优点。锻炼体力,平衡力和灵活性都不需要特别的设备或装备。 在学会自卫的同时培训练习者把良好的礼仪及道德为標。

Who can take Tae Kwon Do?

Since Tae Kwon Do is a natural art, it is common to find schools with students that range in age from three to one hundred years old. Contrary to the movie scenes that are portrayed on martial arts, and although it has become an official sport in the Olympics Medal Division since the year 2000, the true nature of Tae Kwon Do speaks to "self-discovery" (Man Versus Himself), with the ultimate goal of the greater ability to attain peace, love and care for others.